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  • Langkawi Dive Sites

    Most of the diving in Langkawi happens at PulauPayar in the south as it is home to many of the best attractions that langkawi has to offer in terms of diving. There are many unique sights to experience in Langkawi and many each have something unique to offer. Any tourist is bound to find something extraordinary in any dive site, fit to make the trip worthwhile for anybody.

  • Anemone Garden

    Anemone Garden

    The Anemone Garden is a beautiful dive site which is characterized uniquely by the large garden of anemones, hence the name.

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  • Coral Garden

    Coral Garden

    The Coral Garden in Pula Payar in the PayawIsland in the Langkawiarea is abounding with beautiful soft corals. A vast Eden of underwater beauty in its own splendor is home to a spectacular variety of plant and animal wildlife.

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  • Grouper Farm

    Grouper Farm

    Another great site to visit along the reef is the Grouper Farm. The area has interesting and unique sea life that can be seen at an average visibility of 5 to 10 meters.

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  • Kaca Sunken Wrecks

    Kaca Sunken Wrecks

    This dive site is perfect for those that want to dive down to shipwrecks laid to rest in the vast underwater depths of the ocean. Confiscated fishing boats abound the bottoms that divers flock to this site to explore and sight them here.

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  • Lembu Rock

    Lembu Rock

    The dive site is located between PulauKaca and PulauPayar and is known as the Sunken Boat Point. This dive site is a rocky terrain that erupts from the ocean floor.

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  • Lobster Garden

    Lobster Garden

    The Lobster Garden in the Langkawi islands of Malaysia is specific for deep sea diving as it has a maximum depth of around 18 meters.

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  • Platform Reef

    Platform Reef

    One of the most beautiful coral gardens in all of Malaysia is that in the Platform Reef dive site Located in PulauPayar, the Platform Reef or Langkawi Coral has a sea bed of a large variety of corals, from sandy to hard.

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  • PulauKaca


    PulauKaca is a dive site that has a magnificent reef wall at a depth of 2 meters all the way down to 12 meters in sand, then further 30 meters.

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  • Shark Point

    Shark Point

    A beautiful dive site filled with beautiful marine life such as hard and soft coral, small reef fish, nudibarchs, sea urchins and mollusks. The area is named after the Leopard shark that is commonly found resting around the ocean floor of this site.

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  • Tyre Reef

    Tyre Reef

    This dive site is located around 13 kilometers away from PulauPayar, in the west area and located on the PulauSegantang Island.

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